I am 28 years old girl from Poland. I study art and I work in London. Back in Poland I was working in customer service and sales. I am an easy-going and friendly person. I understand that this job is based on meeting different people and apart if cleaning my job is also to make a client feel comfortable.

I like to clean and organise. I used to work as a cleaner before.

Age: 28

Nationality: Poland

Clothing Size: Medium


I can offer good detailed cleaning with a smile on my face and a positive attitude. I can clean the way that the client wants but also I can give my suggestions and tips depends on how the house was looked after before. I understand that every cleaner does the job in a different way and every client thinks “clean” in a different way so it is all good communication. I can come in a good set of lingerie, dressed up as a sexy school girl/ maid/ office girl or get undressed completely.

I understand it is not only cleaning but a spontaneous funny time. Hopefully, fun for me too because this will make me feel more relaxed and natural.

I would be happy with a returning clients that I can build relations with. I can also offer to prepare a meal and just simply keep the company when the job is finished.


AM: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

PM: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Evenings Only: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.